Pine Road Chorus

Mrs. Hillary Eisenman is the director of both the 3rd and 4th-5th Pine Road Choruses, the musical director for 5th grade drama club, as well as the General Music Teacher at PR. Feel free to contact Mrs. Eisenman at, or at 215-938-0290, ext. 6060.

Virtual Spring Concert, 5/26/21

Learn more by scrolling down to "Important Announcements"!

Important Announcements:

1) Check out the Spring Virtual Concert Information below!

On the week of 3/22/21 we will start to have rehearsals before school. For more details please read your child's updated MARCH information above:

  • All students can still do chorus asynchronously. More details are in the "MARCH updated" links above.

  • 4th/ 5th grade chorus:

        • In person students= drop off at main entrance on THURSDAYS at 8:10 AM.

        • Virtual students= join rehearsals via our classroom google meet on THURSDAYS at 8:15 AM.

  • 3rd grade chorus:

        • In person students= drop off at main entrance on TUESDAYS at 8:10AM

        • Virtual students= join rehearsals via our classroom google meet on TUESDAYS at 8:15 AM.

2) Please let me know if I have permission to share your child's video in our virtual spring concert. Parents, if you did not already do so, please FILL OUT THIS FORM to let me know whether or not I can share a video of your child singing in our virtual spring concert. If you are enrolling your child now in chorus, you will find this link after submitting the enrollment form.

Here is some general information about chorus, both during the current pandemic and a normal year.

Feel free to contact Mrs. Eisenman at if your questions are not answered here or in the links above.

  • All 3rd, 4th and 5th graders are welcome to join chorus, whether they are 100% virtual or in person.

  • Our Spring Concert will be virtual.

  • Chorus members should join a chorus google classroom with a 3rd grade code= dzqk3m5 or a 4th/ 5th grade code = pkq45rf . Please make sure your child joins their grade's chorus google classroom.

  • PR choruses typically have many opportunities to perform in a normal year. Those in bold are required in a typical year. Those not in bold are purely optional as they are for fun and enrichment. Listed are the months and the performances we can look forward to when there is NO pandemic:

    1. November at Veterans Night Event @LMHS @7PM (optional);

    2. December at PR Winter Chorus Concert @PR @7PM;

    3. January at All Chorus Night @LMHS @7PM;

    4. February or March at a Temple University Basketball Game (optional);

    5. May at PR Spring Chorus Concert @LMHS @7PM;

    6. Anytime they'll take us @ a Phillies game (optional).

    7. May for the May Family Festival (optional).

This premieres on 12/23 at 8:45 AM!

Check out what the chorus students have been hard at work creating!

This video and more winter resources can be found at PR Virtual Events Page!

Pine Road Elementary's First Ever Virtual Spring Concert, June 2020

Check out the beautiful music made by our very own Pine Road Elementary School's 3rd, 4th and 5th grade musicians (vocal and instrumental) in our "Pine Road Spring Streaming: A Distance Learning Album" on YouTube.

You can also find the "Spring Streaming: A Distance Learning Project on Spotify"!


The 18-19 PR Choruses did a great job singing The National Anthem at the Phillies vs. Red Sox's Game on Sunday, 9/15/19 at 1:05 PM!

4th-5th chorus students did a great job sing the National Anthem for the LMTSD School Board on Tuesday, 10/15/19!

Other important PR music sites:

For PR instrumental music program with Mr. DeGeorge go to

For 5th grade Drama Club with Mrs. Abramson and Mrs. Eisenman go to